Thursday, 20 March 2008

Got a few Allegro singlespeeds in the shop now. Onya1 700c commuter and the M1 Cro Mo hardtail. These are a great little bike, no bells or whistles, just a nice easy ride. 
Also on the way is an order of Vittoria Rubino and Zaffiro all white folding tyres. Should be in mid april. Knogs are also on the shelf. Just the coolest bike light out there.

Monday, 10 March 2008

1st one.

Monday the 10th of March
First  post here for us @ Cyclic doing the blog thing. The shop is ticking along nicely now with a steady run of servicing, new bikes builds people after that something a little different. Having taken on BMC recently is a great thing for us. The product is sensational and it is so refreshing to see a frame company showing something different as design and level of finish goes.
I am going to keep Velocity Deep 's in stock in at least 4 colours at all times as well as a set of singlespeed mtb wheels and hubs. Track hubs and flop flop's are on order also for those who like to build their own.
One thing I want to try and maintain throughout is that if use it and like we will keep it in the shop. If not, we won't re-order.