Friday, 27 February 2009

Plug Component re-shuffle

Bit of  a semi-custom Plug for Russell.
You see his girl has a Freestyler and they can't be a fully matching pair now.
So all the gear off a Plug Racer onto a Freestyler gives you this sweet little one.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Forward Components Eccentric Bottom bracket install Part 2.

The BMC TE02 hardtail cross country frame comes standard with a 73mm shell width bottom bracket. The Forward Components unit is only suitable to be fitted to a standard 68mm shell so the BMC had to be faced down to correct size. I used a Cyclus tools bottom bracket facer.
The tool worked well enough but got some serious chatter going so the faces had to be hand finished to get nice and flat. Didn't take too long and with some patience and Inox it all came out well. With a 68mm bb this would not be necessary.

Next up, trimming the granny ring bosses off an XT crank.

Forward Components Eccentric Bottom bracket install

On friday we fitted and new Forward component eccentric bottom bracket assembly to Justin's BMC TE02 single speed race bike. This is a bit of a short diary of the process. As with all friday afternoon's it was interrupted by a steady flow of customers so I didn't get to photograph everything. 
First is the BB unit itself.
Extremely well machined from stainless steel and 6061 alloy with Enduro bearings. Threads were particularly nice and as pointed out by Eric the man behind Forward Components, are ever so slightly over-size to make for a perfect fit. 6 hardened steel grub-screws are located radially to lock the outer alloy adjuster ring at the desired chain tension. 3 Alloy spacers are included to allow for proper crank spacing. I also made use of my shim kit for fine tuning.

Next up, facing the BMC TE02 73mm shell bottom bracket down to 68mm