Sunday, 14 September 2008

What a week..

Well that was a busy week in the shop. Big thanks to EM for Saturday on the floor, really good to have you around. So many service bikes everywhere and lots of happy punters with the smell of spring in the air. Tony's Pro Machine with Sram red has come up a treat and he now has no excuses not jump up a grade.
Hats off to Big T for doing the Great Queensland bike ride and an Allegro M1 singlespeed. All 700+ km of it. Anyone who thinks they need 27 gears to get around fear not after that effort. 
Next friday is Pirate goat night. Ride to the Goat dressed like a pirate. Not sure if I can get a Peg Leg to take a Time atac cleat though. Argh Argh mee arties...

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Like Butter said...

pirates you say? excellent.