Saturday, 18 July 2009

2010 BMC Pre orders now being taken.

I have just had a sneak peak at the new range from BMC for the coming season.
Having taken my first deposit for a new Racemaster I thought I might as well open up for pre orders for local customers.
Yes I have some early photo's and no I can't show them as I am sworn to secrecy.
After a slow start the SLX01 is the flavor of choice now and the updates for the new model are sure to see this bike sell out in record time.
The SL01 get's even more of a revamp and a super price point.
And there is also a completely new model. That's all I am saying right now. Don't want get into trouble.

More on the MTB range later.



Anonymous said...

Tell me that BMC has done away with the crazy colours for 2010, especially in the lower end of the line. Bury the Lime Green and the Orange etc. Make some decent colour options like black... white.... red... for the love of God. I won't buy a bike that looks like exotic ice cream flavour of the month.

Cyclic said...

Yes beasty green was a strange one I m must say. I have some pics of the new colours but cant post until the official release. What I will say is if you liked the blue streetfire from 2008 you will like the road racer adn if you like the old team machine colour you will love the SLX01 a lot.